Yellow Solar Human, Kin 152, Day Gamma 3
Crystal Moon of Cooperation, Blue Crystal Hand Year

Yellow Solar Human
There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.

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Planetary tone of Manifestation

(Red Magnetic Dragon)
Tone 10
Look forward to understanding more
Posted on Yellow Self-existing Warrior, Kin 56, Self-existing Moon, Day 26
(Yellow Planetary Warrior)
I love that, I love this. I dont feel so alone now.
Posted on Yellow Self-existing Seed, Kin 4, Electric Moon, Day 2
(Blue Planetary Storm)
Hello fellow kin :) what an exciting time we currently exist in!!
Posted on Blue Planetary Eagle, Kin 75, Solar Moon, Day 10
(Red Planetary Moon)
My manifestations are getting stronger and communication more refined. Thanks to Youtube channel awakening you. (Pan)planet art network and also The Dreamspell Journey by Jose and Lloydine Arguellas. Despite my inconsistencies for sovereignty..
Posted on White Overtone Dog, Kin 70, Electric Moon, Day 1
Sally (Yellow Cosmic Human)
Natasha, my niece is Blue Planetary Monkey. I love that part about sealing the processs of magic with the planetary tone of manifestation. My niece is so amazing, she's twelve. And soo beautiful. But she doesn't know how yet. She giggles and all this magic is there behind it. She knows so much and is enveloped in mystical secrets - I just know.
Posted on Blue Overtone Hand, Kin 187, Overtone Moon, Day 17
(Blue Planetary Hand)
it's a complete bitch being a blue planetary hand.. I cant tell people to fuck off.. I have to see them.. I see essence in everything.. so I have all these stray dogs following me around.. it's beautiful and fucked up.. i'm supposed to quit thinking.. and just feel.. just be in the moment.. just be this channel of divinity.. i'm mean I can feel it.. i can do anything.. i can dance like a mutherfukker.. women wants to get married to me all over the planet.. it's a curse and a blessing.. peace, out
Posted on White Spectral Wizard, Kin 154, Galactic Moon, Day 5
(Yellow Planetary Human)
Rhiannon, you're my G Force. Any ideas as to what that means? We should chat, reflect some manifestion. I'm holding space to co-create a physical collective consciousness tribal/sustainable/community model to live by on Kauai. Email me jesse . mahorney at gmail.
Posted on Blue Rhytmic Night, Kin 123, Resonant Moon, Day 2
Natasha (Blue Planetary Monkey)
Perfect Movements.......
Posted on Yellow Self-existing Seed, Kin 4, Lunar Moon, Day 23
(Yellow Planetary Sun)
I am Planetary and like to perfect things yet I've now learnt at 53 not to get to stuck on this. I make things happen and can manifest easily
Posted on Blue Resonant Monkey, Kin 111, Magnetic Moon, Day 3

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