White Electric Worldbridger, Kin 146, Day Kali 25
Spectral Moon of Liberation, Blue Crystal Hand Year

White Electric Worldbridger
Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, only after the last fish has been caught, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

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Red Skywalker

(Red Magnetic Skywalker)
Kin 53 Red magnetic skywalker
Posted on White Rhytmic Worldbridger, Kin 6, Electric Moon, Day 4
Christina (Red Solar Skywalker)
I am tall and watch the sky I feel magic in my body, and imagine walking between worlds often.
I relate to Eleven in stranger things; and in numerology as well, for that matter.
I am strengthened by the suns gift of intention.
I am lining up with old energy, awakening in my spirit.
I am guided by these ancestral tones.
All is still and silent, I am at peace
Posted on Yellow Spectral Human, Kin 232, Electric Moon, Day 8
Susan (Red Rhytmic Skywalker)
This explains so much of life and as I have learned more of Galactic Synchronization I have become more of a messenger and bring universal wisdom into the awareness of friends and family. Stepping out to lead the way in my neck of the woods.
Posted on Blue Rhytmic Eagle, Kin 175, Magnetic Moon, Day 7
(Red Spectral Skywalker)

Centrifuge of soul...youniverse.
Posted on Yellow Self-existing Human, Kin 212, Rhytmic Moon, Day 9
(Red Self-existing Skywalker)
Hi, all, I am a Red Self-Existing Skywalker.

I play music, write songs, travel, learn. Just got done with school very recently and ready for the next adventure.

In Western astrology, I'm an Aquarius which is also an Air sign so I'm quite comfortable being a skywalker here.

It fits as good as any other classification, though I like to take these things more as play than as science.
Posted on Blue Rhytmic Eagle, Kin 175, Magnetic Moon, Day 12
(White Overtone Worldbridger)
this is interesting...my kin, I think...as a Red Spectral Skywalker, are :Red Skywalker, Yellow Star, Blue Knight and White Worldbridger.
This is very curious....and I would like to learn more. I am an artist, who in latest works, have shown a clear move toward showing the 5th dimensions. I try to show that which is unseen, so creating a bridge for those who have not seen other dimensions or realms, frequencies, dimensions. Creating a visual art form is one of my ways to create what I call....PORTALS.
One may use many vibrations to create such portals into other dimensions..
1...sound.....eg playing an instrument or our voice, nature sounds,
2. food/drink : what goes into us....is us.....There is a saying, Blood, Pus and Starch....detox your body systems starting with the colon. moving up the intestines. As you clear your blockages, you will be clearing in all bodies the functions.
example. clearing the physical body of toxins that are depleating you of prime energy sources....will enable you in the astral planes/ dreamworld/ out of body experiences...to be functioning in a higher level than prior to detox/cleansing.
Know....you are conected to everything.....the Universe is part of us..we are made of the same stuff that Stardust is made of. This is a science proven.
My own personal experience to verify the scientific evidance accumulating is this
I had a near death experience 27 yrs ago (NDE), and in leaving my body, I witnessed things I could not have seen and verified them, eg rooms on other floors unknown to me....conversations..
However...I became aware tht I was of an entity that was not solid. I was of glittering moving particles, like stardust......a bit like pixels on a computer screen.....but so was all around me. The world looked holographic to me in that dimension as the entity I was in complete freedom.....neither male nor female.....
anyway, I am not here talking of my NDE, just to say, that the reality of us being so much more than what we are as a human isolated body...is my message. We are very much alive in a dimension that is of sky/space/ and also of this here and now....where there appears to be no time...this is my experience, and I know this may be a bit full on for some folk to understand, it is not so easy to find the words to say.
Posted on Blue Overtone Night, Kin 83, Spectral Moon, Day 5
(Red Planetary Skywalker)
Being a Red Planetary Skywalker I am aware of our nature and purpose in our time but need advice and encouraging words to help me through my life challanges i cant seem to cross that bridge..any suggestions-
Posted on Red Rhytmic Skywalker, Kin 253, Resonant Moon, Day 27
(Red Cosmic Skywalker)
Hello, navigating my way... lol
Posted on Blue Spectral Hand, Kin 167, Galactic Moon, Day 18
(Red Resonant Skywalker)
Red Skywalker Qualities: time/space traveller, angelic messenger, courage, new directions, mysterious journey, explorer, fluid reference points, pillars of heaven, compassion.

Red Skywalker represents balance in your life - not static balance, but a dynamic equilibrium that includes both your present expression and your starseeded self. In Red Skywalker's star-glyph you see that the pillars of heaven don't appear to touch the Earth. You are the element that appears to be missing in the star-glyph. You are the one whose expression of the light assists in drawing the pillars of heaven to Earth.

Joining these pillars in yourself can be viewed as reuniting your male and female aspects. Together, in balance, we create the pillars of teh etheric temples of heaven on Earth.

Harmonic Wisdom for Red Skywalker is balance, the movements of parts in pleasing relationship or harmony with one another. Balance in Red Skywalker is experienced as a dynamic equilibrium. It is both a sense and an attitude. The natural state of every system moves toward balance that is fluid and free, as in dance. That balance is experienced differently by each person, but it often brings a sense of steadiness or centeredness even in the midst of movement and change. When you are dancing, you can use your very state of imbalance to create the fluidity of the dance.
Posted on White Solar Dog, Kin 230, Solar Moon, Day 3

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