Yellow Solar Human, Kin 152, Day Gamma 3
Crystal Moon of Cooperation, Blue Crystal Hand Year

Yellow Solar Human
It is an unfortunate fact that we can secure peace only by preparing for war.

John F. Kennedy
Banner of Peace

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Yellow Planetary Sun

Yellow Planetary Sun

(Yellow Planetary Sun)
Bringing presence allows you to elegantly perfect your environment.
Posted on White Lunar Mirror, Kin 158, Lunar Moon, Day 17
(Yellow Planetary Sun)
Lately I've been taking on the role of burning away stagnant energy. I find myself going to places where I'll feel inspired by nature and bogged down with confused energies. Leaving when I feel there is a balance of light and dark. Illuminating the environment and inspiring those I encounter to continue to create harmony with it.
Posted on Yellow Lunar Seed, Kin 184, Magnetic Moon, Day 21
(Yellow Planetary Sun)
I love life, and enjoy bringing positive light to all. I manifest all that I want to produce easily. My need for perfection used to be an obsession that I have learned to be lighter about. I am often known to light a fire under the bums of people not living their purpose.
Posted on Blue Resonant Monkey, Kin 111, Magnetic Moon, Day 3

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