White Lunar Mirror, Kin 158, Day Seli 9
Crystal Moon of Cooperation, Blue Crystal Hand Year

White Lunar Mirror
You can't imagine what you're missing when you're missing your imagination

Albert Einstein
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Yellow Cosmic Warrior

Yellow Cosmic Warrior

(Yellow Cosmic Warrior)
Kin Poem Translation:

I bear without resistance a problem under discussion, to exist above and independent of, a state without reverential awe. The impression so obtained is produced in a given time period by an interchange of information immeasurably extended into the immediate vicinity of time and space. That which constitutes the universal point from which heat & light originates accompanies me to my destination. The concealed otherworldly capactity to become one in order to remain in existence stimulates an inborn pattern of behavior. The impression so obtained is an accumulation of moral strength pertaining to a particular aspect of existance with a strong attractive power to the reason for which something exists. I am accompanied by my own ability to act twofold in character.

Dynamics of Time Translation:

The sum of change in inherited traits of a population from one generation to the next - relating to a planets diverse range of reproductive mind activity structure adapted for dispersion and survival - is the creation of self-contained sense of recognition cast by reflection to send sonic waves to a fundamental underlying design and a completely individual drive of the systematization of knowledge that possesively concludes the essential qualities of the state of being active,
by projecting message waves assembled into a whole of the main body of the first presented descendant into its final result of change in inherited traits onto a path of sequential relations that any event has to any other:

"the post-organic subliminal conscious realm of pure mind, the post-life preprimary realm of the hyperdimensional theatre of the Dominion of Time, the angelic realms or Buddha fields. This moment of excitation completes the course from stellar mass to incipient supernova."
Posted on Red Magnetic Moon, Kin 209, Lunar Moon, Day 23

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