Yellow Solar Human, Kin 152, Day Gamma 3
Crystal Moon of Cooperation, Blue Crystal Hand Year

Yellow Solar Human
It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

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Red Magnetic Earth

Red Magnetic Earth

(Red Magnetic Earth)
Just learning about this. So who are we really?
Posted on Blue Overtone Eagle, Kin 135, Electric Moon, Day 16
Malia (Red Magnetic Earth)
I've never heard of g-force. But I do know that blue hand is our challenge and what we are looking to strengthen in this life time. For me it has been believing that external validation was the way to find acceptance for the self.

It's our b-earth days soon :) Febuary 9th, the day before the full moon.
I have synchronicities practically everyday. My most recent one was yesterday telling these people who were contemplating on adopting a dog that I believe in signs. So if they all of a sudden run into a friend who mentions the same type of dog they were looking to adopt I would consider that a sign. And I noticed that after that was talked about I looked at the time and it said 6:14. (1,3 and 6 are my synchronistic numbers ) So it was 6:13 when I was mentioning signs to them.
I told them that 6:13 has my synchronistic numbers in it, and they said that 6-13 is their wedding anniversary. :)
Posted on Yellow Lunar Human, Kin 132, Resonant Moon, Day 6
(Red Magnetic Earth)
i had my 'session' yesterday according to my Bdate.. then i was Red Lunear Serpent.. now i am Red Magnetic Earth! why is that?
was the 'reading' yesterday NOT correct?
Posted on Red Magnetic Earth, Kin 157, Lunar Moon, Day 16
Caban1 (Red Magnetic Earth)
Thank you for this site.
I tried to find out what g-force means, but I can't find a site where it's put into words I understand.
What does Hand4 do for me?

Thank you.
Posted on Red Planetary Earth, Kin 257, Solar Moon, Day 25
Sally (Red Magnetic Earth)
How's this for synchronicity? We are here < 10' from Red Lunar Earth which is @ stabilizing synchronicity. My Kin is 52, Yellow Cosmic Human. I was 52 on my last birthday and so was the day. Next year, 2013 my birthday will be Red Magnetic Earth and Tina (RME) here posted on Yellow Cosmic Human. ;>
Posted on Red Lunar Earth, Kin 197, Overtone Moon, Day 27
(Red Magnetic Earth)
its telling me to take off my shoes and touch the earth. how many times have I advised others to do so, not knowing I was their kin. but i always read better when the issues on someone else relate to me, one are we... I'm curious about the magnetic derivation...
Posted on Yellow Cosmic Human, Kin 52, Galactic Moon, Day 8

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