Blue Electric Eagle, Kin 55, Day Kali 18
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Blue Electric Eagle
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White Rhytmic Wind

White Rhytmic Wind

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Vittorio Arrigoni killed to scare Ken
Vittorio Arrigoni - Humanitarian - Palestinian - Hero - Martyr - 1975-2011
Added: 1 day ago
From: 1worldcitizen
Views: 9,108

8000 views in 2 days, big burley kind faced italian activist in palestine who
braved cast lead has succumbed to a specifically targetted nastiness ...
which Ken, who worked closely with him, is decidedly calling a Mossad

it's obvious to me they are just trying discomfit Ken and this has nothing to
do with Vittorio whatsoever apart from that.

Besana Brianza, 4 febbraio 1975 – Gaza, 15 aprile 2011)
Posted on Red Solar Skywalker, Kin 113, Planetary Moon, Day 13

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