White Electric Worldbridger, Kin 146, Day Kali 25
Spectral Moon of Liberation, Blue Crystal Hand Year

White Electric Worldbridger
There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.

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Red Earth

(Red Resonant Earth)
just did this for the first time, this is a whole new realm for me and I am excited to see where it will take me
Posted on White Self-existing Worldbridger, Kin 186, Overtone Moon, Day 11
Ellen (Red Resonant Earth)

In the link above you will find the entire reading for red resonant earth. The website also explains your dreamspell.
i highly recommend this page.
Posted on Red Planetary Moon, Kin 49, Spectral Moon, Day 21
(Yellow Cosmic Human)
'Lam' is the Sanskrit syllable chanted to ground the muladhara chakra - earth energy in this chakra - our bodies carry electro-magnetic energy - focus on root chakra at base or around base of spine and chant gently 'Lam'
Posted on Red Solar Skywalker, Kin 113, Crystal Moon, Day 7
(Red Rhytmic Earth)
kia ora red earth whanau - stomp stomp boom boom
Posted on Red Self-existing Serpent, Kin 225, Rhytmic Moon, Day 27
tave (Red Cosmic Earth)
powerful stuff but learning more! very great life reading
Posted on Blue Electric Hand, Kin 107, Lunar Moon, Day 21
(Red Self-existing Earth)
I am happy to be!
Posted on White Solar Worldbridger, Kin 126, Resonant Moon, Day 5
Tina (Red Magnetic Earth)
welcome I'm glad to be adventuring home.
Posted on Yellow Cosmic Human, Kin 52, Galactic Moon, Day 8
(Red Resonant Earth)
I am brand new to this. I am a Kin 137 - Red Resonant Earth. What is the signifigance of the four other Kin (symbols) around the middle symbol? what is a blue monkey wavespell? What is the meaning of "Earth Family Members"? What is G-Force? Can some one help me understand?
Posted on White Electric Wind, Kin 42, Spectral Moon, Day 19
(Red Solar Earth)
Recently, i became aware of the rainbow path, like Dorothy following her path to Oz. it began with a child listening to an intro song. where a rainbow arched 'all the streets and houses'. the actual programme never lived up to the opening title, though in time became iconic.
as time slipped, the Rainbow Warrior featured. Greenpeace at an imposed attack. As rainbows rode the waters, focus was assured. Had an umbrrella that adrorned the slogan 'give peace a chance', in rainbow.
got lost for a while, slipped between the colours, but as i emerged they found me, it seemed. 'Well you can't sink a rainbow '.
The umbrella, broken, became flags, that chilren played with and college skies.
the sky appeared radiant with spectrum light.
As i began my true path it seemed to return, in small doses at first. Then as i became closer to, breathe more freely. the colours took on a role as some kind of guild. Yeah, ok, that's not posslble and one could say, i just didn't notice. I guess that's the point. Eventully, I noticed, I'd gathered a rainbow here and there. Curled up watching an iconic film.
I neared my time change shift. moved across the seas. I became thirsty. To quench myself full. I discovered a few enlightened rainbow twists along the way.
So why, when wearing my rainbow scarf, accompanied by a rainbow bag, was I alittle surprised to find, rainbow listed as one of the many traits of Red Earth.
On travelling nz and getting alittle stuck, I'm making a move to motueka, or there about. On my last visit I discovered it's concidered to be the rainbow town of nz.
And it's said that the treasure at the end of the rainbow was found long back. Well maybe. Now, how many times do I click my heels before I'm home?
Posted on Red Resonant Moon, Kin 189, Lunar Moon, Day 3

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