White Electric Worldbridger, Kin 146, Day Kali 25
Spectral Moon of Liberation, Blue Crystal Hand Year

White Electric Worldbridger
It is an unfortunate fact that we can secure peace only by preparing for war.

John F. Kennedy
Banner of Peace

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Blue Storm

VIVI (Blue Planetary Storm)
n am nimic de zis
Posted on Yellow Magnetic Warrior, Kin 196, Cosmic Moon, Day 19
(Blue Spectral Storm)
Ben Mavi Güneş Fırtınasıyım.
Posted on Yellow Electric Warrior, Kin 16, Resonant Moon, Day 7
(Blue Solar Storm)
I am Blue Solar Storm.

I pulse in order to catalyze realising energy.
I seal the matrix of self generation with the solar tone of intention.
I am guided by the power of vision.

I am the initiation by fire, the lightning path, the arrival of the thunderbeings who bring the final transformation.

I represent completion, expansion, mastery, larger cycles of time, fulfillment, grand design.

I am the eye of the storm.
I am the calm and peaceful state you are looking for during distress.

I represent manifestation. Doing instead of trying to do.
I provide the water that purifies and quenches spiritual thirst.

I am what Is, instead of what it seems to be.

I am an emissary of the great change, a transformer of the collective myth.

I am travelling both outward and inward on my journey home. For myself and all those who will follow after me.

I am an intergration of the duality within.
I am the intergration of shadow and light.
I am free from right or wrong, good or evil.

I am a freed adventurer, a divine actor who can play any part without becoming attached to it.

I am Blue Solar Storm.
Posted on Yellow Electric Human, Kin 172, Rhytmic Moon, Day 24
(Blue Self-existing Storm)
the centre, the eye, the change, the unseen, the undeniable, the catalyst, the opener, the way, the emrace of chaos as stillness, the you in all, the all in you, the me in we, the changeling, the centre.
Posted on Red Galactic Moon, Kin 229, Electric Moon, Day 10

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