Yellow Self-existing Warrior, Kin 56, Day Alpha 19
Galactic Moon of Integrity, Blue Crystal Hand Year

Yellow Self-existing Warrior
If we can’t have at least as much fun saving the planet as we are having destroying it we just aren’t doing it right.

Mike Ward
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Yellow Seed

(Yellow Resonant Seed)
Hi There went I first came across this concept of Galactic Calendar; I was totally blow away. My Life Journey, Earth Family and I have discovered my True Life Purpose...It also explained a lot wrt fail relationships and trigger events in my Life...Anybody out there with similar or totally different impression that is also a KIN 124?
Posted on Red Spectral Moon, Kin 89, Solar Moon, Day 24
(Yellow Lunar Seed)
Don't know what I'm looking at but would love to.
Posted on Yellow Overtone Seed, Kin 44, Cosmic Moon, Day 15
kyle (Yellow Electric Seed)
my mayan family description:
Posted on Blue Magnetic Monkey, Kin 131, Spectral Moon, Day 3

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