Blue Crystal Night, Kin 103, Day Gamma 10
Planetary Moon of Manifestation, Blue Crystal Hand Year

Blue Crystal Night
If we can’t have at least as much fun saving the planet as we are having destroying it we just aren’t doing it right.

Mike Ward
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Red Serpent

(Red Planetary Serpent)
Kin 205: Red Planetary Serpent, born in the Yellow Castle of the Yellow Warrior 26 and we are in that very yellow castle, fourth castle of giving, time to use the lessons learned...feeling it
Posted on White Galactic Dog, Kin 190, Spectral Moon, Day 2
Sally (Red Rhytmic Serpent)
I'm Yellow Cosmic Human. In the year I was born today was Blue Self-Existing Storm, as it is today. I am 52. I am synchronizing with this calendar! Today was White Electric Mirror and I found these things out on my computer screen, a white electric mirror. The affirmations are also making more sense to me - reflecting bonding order - and now defining measuring energy ~ g'day g'night Be kind to yourself and true to others. g'night
Posted on Blue Self-existing Storm, Kin 199, Rhytmic Moon, Day 1

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