Blue Crystal Night, Kin 103, Day Gamma 10
Planetary Moon of Manifestation, Blue Crystal Hand Year

Blue Crystal Night
In peace the sons bury their fathers, but in war the fathers bury their sons.

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Yellow Galactic Sun

Yellow Galactic Sun

(Yellow Galactic Sun)
I harmonise in order to enlighten
modeling life.
I seal the matrix of universal fire
with the galactic tone of integrity.
I am guided by the power of flowering.
Posted on Red Resonant Dragon, Kin 241, Resonant Moon, Day 10
Kawehi (Yellow Galactic Sun)
I am also a Yellow Galactic Sun! Today will be a great day (:
Posted on Yellow Galactic Sun, Kin 60, Rhytmic Moon, Day 17
(Yellow Galactic Sun)
I am new to this. I love to travel and have very strong interests in energy healing. I am particularly drawn to Northern Europe and Brazil. :) I am also a Wood Dragon and Aquarian(Sun, Mercury, Mars & Saturn).
Posted on Yellow Rhytmic Star, Kin 188, Overtone Moon, Day 18
(Yellow Galactic Sun)
Is this a particularly challenging group? Work with energy healing and crazy about crystals. Have traveled to many of the sites in Mexico, Guatamala and Belize...feeling drawn to Peru...
Posted on Blue Magnetic Hand, Kin 27, Resonant Moon, Day 11

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