Blue Galactic Monkey, Kin 151, Day Seli 2
Crystal Moon of Cooperation, White Magnetic Wizard Year

Blue Galactic Monkey
You can't shake hands with a clenched fist.

Indira Gandhi
Banner of Peace

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Galactic tone of Integrity

piet (Blue Electric Eagle)
tmq is a galactic mirror
she runs the most interesting blog on JA (all the way, as opposed to the basics like koestner et al).
hairliine fracture & faultfine diviners unite!!
hairliine fracture & faultfine diviners split (on four, 1 .... 2 ... 3 .. 4)!!!
and may a line of trees grow from sharp crack to smooth mud pool!
Posted on Yellow Self-existing Seed, Kin 4, Crystal Moon, Day 3
(White Galactic Mirror)
Would like to understand the influence of tone in life.....
Posted on Blue Resonant Monkey, Kin 111, Magnetic Moon, Day 3

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