Yellow Solar Human, Kin 152, Day Gamma 3
Crystal Moon of Cooperation, Blue Crystal Hand Year

Yellow Solar Human
We don't see things as they are we see them as we are.

Anajs Nin
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Blue Self-existing Hand

Blue Self-existing Hand

(Blue Self-existing Hand)
I am a blue self-exsisiting hand, I am very deeply drawn to the creative arts and healing. I am learning Reiki. I making healing artwork. I experience difficulty staying grounded. struggle with shadow aspects of distractions, lack of completion of things started, and the like. I am open to communicating with other Blue Hands.
Learn about our Antipode the Red Earth.

Red Earth
Grounding force, synergy, centeredness, wholeness, synchronicity, galactic alignment, Earth Force, fluid world resonance, clue tracking, crystal healing, shield.

Earth Signs,
2nd & 6th houses
Posted on Yellow Crystal Sun, Kin 220, Planetary Moon, Day 15
pp (Blue Self-existing Hand)
grace helbig from/in brooklyn .. is one .. a daily vlogger theatric expert ... called her a 'headcaseialist' a few minutes ago
Posted on White Resonant Dog, Kin 150, Galactic Moon, Day 1
(Blue Self-existing Hand)
I am one of that. Please don't hesitate to contact me.
Posted on Red Cosmic Earth, Kin 117, Planetary Moon, Day 17
(Blue Self-existing Hand)
where do i go from here?
Posted on Blue Rhytmic Storm, Kin 19, Magnetic Moon, Day 16

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