Blue Crystal Night, Kin 103, Day Gamma 10
Planetary Moon of Manifestation, Blue Crystal Hand Year

Blue Crystal Night
Respect yourself and others will respect you.

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260 Kin

following table shows all 260 kin with information about its Wavespell and total of comments.

glyphkinkin namewavespellnumber of comments 

Red Magnetic Dragon
1 Red Magnetic DragonRed Dragon2show

White Lunar Wind
2 White Lunar WindRed Dragon3show

Blue Electric Night
3 Blue Electric NightRed Dragon2show

Yellow Self-existing Seed
4 Yellow Self-existing SeedRed Dragon2show

Red Overtone Serpent
5 Red Overtone SerpentRed Dragonshow

White Rhytmic Worldbridger
6 White Rhytmic WorldbridgerRed Dragon1show

Blue Resonant Hand
7 Blue Resonant HandRed Dragonshow

Yellow Galactic Star
8 Yellow Galactic StarRed Dragon2show

Red Solar Moon
9 Red Solar MoonRed Dragon2show

White Planetary Dog
10 White Planetary DogRed Dragon1show

Blue Spectral Monkey
11 Blue Spectral MonkeyRed Dragon1show

Yellow Crystal Human
12 Yellow Crystal HumanRed Dragon2show

Red Cosmic Skywalker
13 Red Cosmic SkywalkerRed Dragon1show

White Magnetic Wizard
14 White Magnetic WizardWhite Wizard2show

Blue Lunar Eagle
15 Blue Lunar EagleWhite Wizard1show

Yellow Electric Warrior
16 Yellow Electric WarriorWhite Wizard1show

Red Self-existing Earth
17 Red Self-existing EarthWhite Wizard4show

White Overtone Mirror
18 White Overtone MirrorWhite Wizardshow

Blue Rhytmic Storm
19 Blue Rhytmic StormWhite Wizard1show

Yellow Resonant Sun
20 Yellow Resonant SunWhite Wizardshow

Red Galactic Dragon
21 Red Galactic DragonWhite Wizard1show

White Solar Wind
22 White Solar WindWhite Wizard2show

Blue Planetary Night
23 Blue Planetary NightWhite Wizardshow

Yellow Spectral Seed
24 Yellow Spectral SeedWhite Wizard1show

Red Crystal Serpent
25 Red Crystal SerpentWhite Wizard2show

White Cosmic Worldbridger
26 White Cosmic WorldbridgerWhite Wizard2show

Blue Magnetic Hand
27 Blue Magnetic HandBlue Hand1show

Yellow Lunar Star
28 Yellow Lunar StarBlue Hand1show

Red Electric Moon
29 Red Electric MoonBlue Handshow

White Self-existing Dog
30 White Self-existing DogBlue Hand1show

Blue Overtone Monkey
31 Blue Overtone MonkeyBlue Hand1show

Yellow Rhytmic Human
32 Yellow Rhytmic HumanBlue Handshow

Red Resonant Skywalker
33 Red Resonant SkywalkerBlue Hand3show

White Galactic Wizard
34 White Galactic WizardBlue Hand2show

Blue Solar Eagle
35 Blue Solar EagleBlue Handshow

Yellow Planetary Warrior
36 Yellow Planetary WarriorBlue Hand1show

Red Spectral Earth
37 Red Spectral EarthBlue Handshow

White Crystal Mirror
38 White Crystal MirrorBlue Hand2show

Blue Cosmic Storm
39 Blue Cosmic StormBlue Hand1show

Yellow Magnetic Sun
40 Yellow Magnetic SunYellow Sun3show

Red Lunar Dragon
41 Red Lunar DragonYellow Sunshow

White Electric Wind
42 White Electric WindYellow Sun4show

Blue Self-existing Night
43 Blue Self-existing NightYellow Sunshow

Yellow Overtone Seed
44 Yellow Overtone SeedYellow Sunshow

Red Rhytmic Serpent
45 Red Rhytmic SerpentYellow Sun1show

White Resonant Worldbridger
46 White Resonant WorldbridgerYellow Sun1show

Blue Galactic Hand
47 Blue Galactic HandYellow Sun1show

Yellow Solar Star
48 Yellow Solar StarYellow Sun1show

Red Planetary Moon
49 Red Planetary MoonYellow Sun2show

White Spectral Dog
50 White Spectral DogYellow Sunshow

Blue Crystal Monkey
51 Blue Crystal MonkeyYellow Sun3show

Yellow Cosmic Human
52 Yellow Cosmic HumanYellow Sun1show

Red Magnetic Skywalker
53 Red Magnetic SkywalkerRed Skywalker2show

White Lunar Wizard
54 White Lunar WizardRed Skywalkershow

Blue Electric Eagle
55 Blue Electric EagleRed Skywalker2show

Yellow Self-existing Warrior
56 Yellow Self-existing WarriorRed Skywalkershow

Red Overtone Earth
57 Red Overtone EarthRed Skywalker1show

White Rhytmic Mirror
58 White Rhytmic MirrorRed Skywalkershow

Blue Resonant Storm
59 Blue Resonant StormRed Skywalker1show

Yellow Galactic Sun
60 Yellow Galactic SunRed Skywalker4show

Red Solar Dragon
61 Red Solar DragonRed Skywalker1show

White Planetary Wind
62 White Planetary WindRed Skywalkershow

Blue Spectral Night
63 Blue Spectral NightRed Skywalkershow

Yellow Crystal Seed
64 Yellow Crystal SeedRed Skywalker1show

Red Cosmic Serpent
65 Red Cosmic SerpentRed Skywalker4show

White Magnetic Worldbridger
66 White Magnetic WorldbridgerWhite Worldbridger1show

Blue Lunar Hand
67 Blue Lunar HandWhite Worldbridgershow

Yellow Electric Star
68 Yellow Electric StarWhite Worldbridgershow

Red Self-existing Moon
69 Red Self-existing MoonWhite Worldbridger3show

White Overtone Dog
70 White Overtone DogWhite Worldbridger2show

Blue Rhytmic Monkey
71 Blue Rhytmic MonkeyWhite Worldbridger1show

Yellow Resonant Human
72 Yellow Resonant HumanWhite Worldbridgershow

Red Galactic Skywalker
73 Red Galactic SkywalkerWhite Worldbridger4show

White Solar Wizard
74 White Solar WizardWhite Worldbridger1show

Blue Planetary Eagle
75 Blue Planetary EagleWhite Worldbridger1show

Yellow Spectral Warrior
76 Yellow Spectral WarriorWhite Worldbridgershow

Red Crystal Earth
77 Red Crystal EarthWhite Worldbridgershow

White Cosmic Mirror
78 White Cosmic MirrorWhite Worldbridger2show

Blue Magnetic Storm
79 Blue Magnetic StormBlue Storm3show

Yellow Lunar Sun
80 Yellow Lunar SunBlue Stormshow

Red Electric Dragon
81 Red Electric DragonBlue Stormshow

White Self-existing Wind
82 White Self-existing WindBlue Storm2show

Blue Overtone Night
83 Blue Overtone NightBlue Storm1show

Yellow Rhytmic Seed
84 Yellow Rhytmic SeedBlue Storm1show

Red Resonant Serpent
85 Red Resonant SerpentBlue Storm1show

White Galactic Worldbridger
86 White Galactic WorldbridgerBlue Storm1show

Blue Solar Hand
87 Blue Solar HandBlue Storm2show

Yellow Planetary Star
88 Yellow Planetary StarBlue Storm1show

Red Spectral Moon
89 Red Spectral MoonBlue Stormshow

White Crystal Dog
90 White Crystal DogBlue Storm1show

Blue Cosmic Monkey
91 Blue Cosmic MonkeyBlue Storm3show

Yellow Magnetic Human
92 Yellow Magnetic HumanYellow Human1show

Red Lunar Skywalker
93 Red Lunar SkywalkerYellow Humanshow

White Electric Wizard
94 White Electric WizardYellow Human1show

Blue Self-existing Eagle
95 Blue Self-existing EagleYellow Humanshow

Yellow Overtone Warrior
96 Yellow Overtone WarriorYellow Human3show

Red Rhytmic Earth
97 Red Rhytmic EarthYellow Human1show

White Resonant Mirror
98 White Resonant MirrorYellow Human3show

Blue Galactic Storm
99 Blue Galactic StormYellow Human1show

Yellow Solar Sun
100 Yellow Solar SunYellow Human1show

Red Planetary Dragon
101 Red Planetary DragonYellow Humanshow

White Spectral Wind
102 White Spectral WindYellow Humanshow

Blue Crystal Night
103 Blue Crystal NightYellow Humanshow

Yellow Cosmic Seed
104 Yellow Cosmic SeedYellow Humanshow

Red Magnetic Serpent
105 Red Magnetic SerpentRed Serpent2show

White Lunar Worldbridger
106 White Lunar WorldbridgerRed Serpent4show

Blue Electric Hand
107 Blue Electric HandRed Serpent4show

Yellow Self-existing Star
108 Yellow Self-existing StarRed Serpent4show

Red Overtone Moon
109 Red Overtone MoonRed Serpentshow

White Rhytmic Dog
110 White Rhytmic DogRed Serpentshow

Blue Resonant Monkey
111 Blue Resonant MonkeyRed Serpent1show

Yellow Galactic Human
112 Yellow Galactic HumanRed Serpent1show

Red Solar Skywalker
113 Red Solar SkywalkerRed Serpent3show

White Planetary Wizard
114 White Planetary WizardRed Serpent3show

Blue Spectral Eagle
115 Blue Spectral EagleRed Serpent1show

Yellow Crystal Warrior
116 Yellow Crystal WarriorRed Serpent1show

Red Cosmic Earth
117 Red Cosmic EarthRed Serpent2show

White Magnetic Mirror
118 White Magnetic MirrorWhite Mirror1show

Blue Lunar Storm
119 Blue Lunar StormWhite Mirrorshow

Yellow Electric Sun
120 Yellow Electric SunWhite Mirror2show

Red Self-existing Dragon
121 Red Self-existing DragonWhite Mirror4show

White Overtone Wind
122 White Overtone WindWhite Mirrorshow

Blue Rhytmic Night
123 Blue Rhytmic NightWhite Mirrorshow

Yellow Resonant Seed
124 Yellow Resonant SeedWhite Mirrorshow

Red Galactic Serpent
125 Red Galactic SerpentWhite Mirrorshow

White Solar Worldbridger
126 White Solar WorldbridgerWhite Mirror1show

Blue Planetary Hand
127 Blue Planetary HandWhite Mirror3show

Yellow Spectral Star
128 Yellow Spectral StarWhite Mirror2show

Red Crystal Moon
129 Red Crystal MoonWhite Mirrorshow

White Cosmic Dog
130 White Cosmic DogWhite Mirror3show

Blue Magnetic Monkey
131 Blue Magnetic MonkeyBlue Monkey1show

Yellow Lunar Human
132 Yellow Lunar HumanBlue Monkey1show

Red Electric Skywalker
133 Red Electric SkywalkerBlue Monkeyshow

White Self-existing Wizard
134 White Self-existing WizardBlue Monkey3show

Blue Overtone Eagle
135 Blue Overtone EagleBlue Monkeyshow

Yellow Rhytmic Warrior
136 Yellow Rhytmic WarriorBlue Monkeyshow

Red Resonant Earth
137 Red Resonant EarthBlue Monkey2show

White Galactic Mirror
138 White Galactic MirrorBlue Monkey1show

Blue Solar Storm
139 Blue Solar StormBlue Monkey1show

Yellow Planetary Sun
140 Yellow Planetary SunBlue Monkey3show

Red Spectral Dragon
141 Red Spectral DragonBlue Monkeyshow

White Crystal Wind
142 White Crystal WindBlue Monkey1show

Blue Cosmic Night
143 Blue Cosmic NightBlue Monkey4show

Yellow Magnetic Seed
144 Yellow Magnetic SeedYellow Seed2show

Red Lunar Serpent
145 Red Lunar SerpentYellow Seedshow

White Electric Worldbridger
146 White Electric WorldbridgerYellow Seed4show

Blue Self-existing Hand
147 Blue Self-existing HandYellow Seed4show

Yellow Overtone Star
148 Yellow Overtone StarYellow Seed2show

Red Rhytmic Moon
149 Red Rhytmic MoonYellow Seed1show

White Resonant Dog
150 White Resonant DogYellow Seed1show

Blue Galactic Monkey
151 Blue Galactic MonkeyYellow Seed1show

Yellow Solar Human
152 Yellow Solar HumanYellow Seed2show

Red Planetary Skywalker
153 Red Planetary SkywalkerYellow Seedshow

White Spectral Wizard
154 White Spectral WizardYellow Seed2show

Blue Crystal Eagle
155 Blue Crystal EagleYellow Seed2show

Yellow Cosmic Warrior
156 Yellow Cosmic WarriorYellow Seed1show

Red Magnetic Earth
157 Red Magnetic EarthRed Earth6show

White Lunar Mirror
158 White Lunar MirrorRed Earthshow

Blue Electric Storm
159 Blue Electric StormRed Earth1show

Yellow Self-existing Sun
160 Yellow Self-existing SunRed Earth1show

Red Overtone Dragon
161 Red Overtone DragonRed Earthshow

White Rhytmic Wind
162 White Rhytmic WindRed Earth1show

Blue Resonant Night
163 Blue Resonant NightRed Earth2show

Yellow Galactic Seed
164 Yellow Galactic SeedRed Earth1show

Red Solar Serpent
165 Red Solar SerpentRed Earth2show

White Planetary Worldbridger
166 White Planetary WorldbridgerRed Earthshow

Blue Spectral Hand
167 Blue Spectral HandRed Earth1show

Yellow Crystal Star
168 Yellow Crystal StarRed Earth2show

Red Cosmic Moon
169 Red Cosmic MoonRed Earth2show

White Magnetic Dog
170 White Magnetic DogWhite Dog2show

Blue Lunar Monkey
171 Blue Lunar MonkeyWhite Dogshow

Yellow Electric Human
172 Yellow Electric HumanWhite Dog1show

Red Self-existing Skywalker
173 Red Self-existing SkywalkerWhite Dog1show

White Overtone Wizard
174 White Overtone WizardWhite Dog1show

Blue Rhytmic Eagle
175 Blue Rhytmic EagleWhite Dogshow

Yellow Resonant Warrior
176 Yellow Resonant WarriorWhite Dogshow

Red Galactic Earth
177 Red Galactic EarthWhite Dog1show

White Solar Mirror
178 White Solar MirrorWhite Dogshow

Blue Planetary Storm
179 Blue Planetary StormWhite Dog2show

Yellow Spectral Sun
180 Yellow Spectral SunWhite Dog1show

Red Crystal Dragon
181 Red Crystal DragonWhite Dog1show

White Cosmic Wind
182 White Cosmic WindWhite Dog1show

Blue Magnetic Night
183 Blue Magnetic NightBlue Nightshow

Yellow Lunar Seed
184 Yellow Lunar SeedBlue Night4show

Red Electric Serpent
185 Red Electric SerpentBlue Nightshow

White Self-existing Worldbridger
186 White Self-existing WorldbridgerBlue Night3show

Blue Overtone Hand
187 Blue Overtone HandBlue Night1show

Yellow Rhytmic Star
188 Yellow Rhytmic StarBlue Nightshow

Red Resonant Moon
189 Red Resonant MoonBlue Night2show

White Galactic Dog
190 White Galactic DogBlue Nightshow

Blue Solar Monkey
191 Blue Solar MonkeyBlue Night2show

Yellow Planetary Human
192 Yellow Planetary HumanBlue Night2show

Red Spectral Skywalker
193 Red Spectral SkywalkerBlue Night3show

White Crystal Wizard
194 White Crystal WizardBlue Night13show

Blue Cosmic Eagle
195 Blue Cosmic EagleBlue Night1show

Yellow Magnetic Warrior
196 Yellow Magnetic WarriorYellow Warrior1show

Red Lunar Earth
197 Red Lunar EarthYellow Warriorshow

White Electric Mirror
198 White Electric MirrorYellow Warriorshow

Blue Self-existing Storm
199 Blue Self-existing StormYellow Warrior1show

Yellow Overtone Sun
200 Yellow Overtone SunYellow Warrior2show

Red Rhytmic Dragon
201 Red Rhytmic DragonYellow Warriorshow

White Resonant Wind
202 White Resonant WindYellow Warrior1show

Blue Galactic Night
203 Blue Galactic NightYellow Warrior1show

Yellow Solar Seed
204 Yellow Solar SeedYellow Warriorshow

Red Planetary Serpent
205 Red Planetary SerpentYellow Warriorshow

White Spectral Worldbridger
206 White Spectral WorldbridgerYellow Warriorshow

Blue Crystal Hand
207 Blue Crystal HandYellow Warrior3show

Yellow Cosmic Star
208 Yellow Cosmic StarYellow Warrior1show

Red Magnetic Moon
209 Red Magnetic MoonRed Moon2show

White Lunar Dog
210 White Lunar DogRed Moonshow

Blue Electric Monkey
211 Blue Electric MonkeyRed Moon3show

Yellow Self-existing Human
212 Yellow Self-existing HumanRed Moon1show

Red Overtone Skywalker
213 Red Overtone SkywalkerRed Moon1show

White Rhytmic Wizard
214 White Rhytmic WizardRed Moon2show

Blue Resonant Eagle
215 Blue Resonant EagleRed Moon1show

Yellow Galactic Warrior
216 Yellow Galactic WarriorRed Moonshow

Red Solar Earth
217 Red Solar EarthRed Moon2show

White Planetary Mirror
218 White Planetary MirrorRed Moon1show

Blue Spectral Storm
219 Blue Spectral StormRed Moon2show

Yellow Crystal Sun
220 Yellow Crystal SunRed Moon3show

Red Cosmic Dragon
221 Red Cosmic DragonRed Moon3show

White Magnetic Wind
222 White Magnetic WindWhite Wind3show

Blue Lunar Night
223 Blue Lunar NightWhite Wind1show

Yellow Electric Seed
224 Yellow Electric SeedWhite Wind3show

Red Self-existing Serpent
225 Red Self-existing SerpentWhite Wind1show

White Overtone Worldbridger
226 White Overtone WorldbridgerWhite Wind1show

Blue Rhytmic Hand
227 Blue Rhytmic HandWhite Windshow

Yellow Resonant Star
228 Yellow Resonant StarWhite Wind4show

Red Galactic Moon
229 Red Galactic MoonWhite Wind2show

White Solar Dog
230 White Solar DogWhite Wind1show

Blue Planetary Monkey
231 Blue Planetary MonkeyWhite Wind1show

Yellow Spectral Human
232 Yellow Spectral HumanWhite Windshow

Red Crystal Skywalker
233 Red Crystal SkywalkerWhite Wind4show

White Cosmic Wizard
234 White Cosmic WizardWhite Windshow

Blue Magnetic Eagle
235 Blue Magnetic EagleBlue Eagle2show

Yellow Lunar Warrior
236 Yellow Lunar WarriorBlue Eagle1show

Red Electric Earth
237 Red Electric EarthBlue Eagleshow

White Self-existing Mirror
238 White Self-existing MirrorBlue Eagle2show

Blue Overtone Storm
239 Blue Overtone StormBlue Eagleshow

Yellow Rhytmic Sun
240 Yellow Rhytmic SunBlue Eagleshow

Red Resonant Dragon
241 Red Resonant DragonBlue Eagle1show

White Galactic Wind
242 White Galactic WindBlue Eagleshow

Blue Solar Night
243 Blue Solar NightBlue Eagleshow

Yellow Planetary Seed
244 Yellow Planetary SeedBlue Eagle1show

Red Spectral Serpent
245 Red Spectral SerpentBlue Eagleshow

White Crystal Worldbridger
246 White Crystal WorldbridgerBlue Eagle2show

Blue Cosmic Hand
247 Blue Cosmic HandBlue Eagle3show

Yellow Magnetic Star
248 Yellow Magnetic StarYellow Star4show

Red Lunar Moon
249 Red Lunar MoonYellow Star1show

White Electric Dog
250 White Electric DogYellow Star2show

Blue Self-existing Monkey
251 Blue Self-existing MonkeyYellow Star1show

Yellow Overtone Human
252 Yellow Overtone HumanYellow Starshow

Red Rhytmic Skywalker
253 Red Rhytmic SkywalkerYellow Starshow

White Resonant Wizard
254 White Resonant WizardYellow Star2show

Blue Galactic Eagle
255 Blue Galactic EagleYellow Star1show

Yellow Solar Warrior
256 Yellow Solar WarriorYellow Star1show

Red Planetary Earth
257 Red Planetary EarthYellow Star2show

White Spectral Mirror
258 White Spectral MirrorYellow Star2show

Blue Crystal Storm
259 Blue Crystal StormYellow Starshow

Yellow Cosmic Sun
260 Yellow Cosmic SunYellow Star2show