White Overtone Mirror, Kin 18, Day Seli 9
Resonant Moon of Attunement, Yellow Crystal Seed Year

White Overtone Mirror
If any law says that to grow a plant is not legal then the law is not legal.

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(Blue Self-existing Storm)
lots of love my rainbow family!
Posted on Blue Self-existing Hand, Kin 147, Resonant Moon, Day 21
(Blue Cosmic Storm)
Hello, I have been ,for the past year, really looking into higher consciousness and doing what i can to put me on the right path. I just found out about galactic signitures, But its kinda hard for me to understand and was wondering if there is a website or any books that kinda break it down along with the Dreamspell Calender so its not so hard to understand at first. I am no dummy at all, but i feel like i need a dreamspell for dummys book or something. Any useful info would be greatly appreciated.
Posted on Yellow Magnetic Seed, Kin 144, Solar Moon, Day 17
(White Electric Worldbridger)
My name is Dan, I am here to help you understand this calendar better - if you have any questions or would like to share your experiences with me, please contact me !
Posted on Red Spectral Earth, Kin 37, Overtone Moon, Day 22
(Red Lunar Skywalker)
Sending lots of love and colourful light to all you beautiful beings...
Posted on Blue Overtone Night, Kin 83, Spectral Moon, Day 5
(White Magnetic Dog)
Love United! This site is very helpful ... thank you so much for doing this for me, your other self! I have come back many times! What is G-Force? Mine is Yellow Sun (4) What does this mean? Thanks for any input!
I live in Katy, Tx and would love to gather together and share and learn more .... anyone out there?
Posted on Yellow Magnetic Star, Kin 248, Resonant Moon, Day 22