Yellow Cosmic Human, Kin 52, Day Dali 15
Galactic Moon of Integrity, Yellow Crystal Seed Year

Yellow Cosmic Human
If we can’t have at least as much fun saving the planet as we are having destroying it we just aren’t doing it right.

Mike Ward
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Kin's Journey

This table shows what Kin falls on your birthday in each year of your life from the day you were born until 2013. That Kin is always one of your Earth family members and is your influence for the actual year.

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Yellow Cosmic Human

Born on Kin 52, Yellow Crystal Seed Year, Galactic Moon of Integrity, Day Dali 15
(Gregorian 21.2.2018)

Yellow Cosmic Warrior
White Cosmic WindYellow Cosmic HumanBlue Cosmic Hand
 Red Magnetic Moon
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