Blue Crystal Night, Kin 103, Day Gamma 10
Planetary Moon of Manifestation, Blue Crystal Hand Year

Blue Crystal Night
There never was a good war or a bad peace.

Benjamin Franklin
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Red Self-existing Skywalker

Red Self-existing Skywalker

(Red Self-existing Skywalker)
Thus is the most accurate description of myself i've ever come across.
I have always been very fascinated by the occult, spirituality and shamanism, and this article has given me even more clues and bits of information.
I'm also a Water Monkey (blue monkey) in the chinese zodiac, and an Aries in western astrology so red is funny enough, my favourite colour.
I'd love to learn more about this calendar as well as how to read birth charts if anyone has some supplementary reading to pass my way.
Posted on Red Magnetic Serpent, Kin 105, Rhytmic Moon, Day 7

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