White Lunar Mirror, Kin 158, Day Seli 9
Crystal Moon of Cooperation, Blue Crystal Hand Year

White Lunar Mirror
You can't shake hands with a clenched fist.

Indira Gandhi
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White Spectral Mirror

White Spectral Mirror

(White Spectral Mirror)
It is interesting how my partner is 222 white magnetic wind, a portal with tone 1 (magnetic) of Unity, a "great illuminator, initiator, transformer"... ...Seeing that tone 11 (spectral) benefits from tone 1 (magnetic) of Unity, ...

Janet previously shared the following about 258:
"Unity, the great illuminator, is transforming patterns and structures, freeing you from things that no longer serve your emerging wholeness. Look through the surface appearance of your process. Let complexity dissipate, becoming the blessing of simplicity."
Posted on Blue Magnetic Night, Kin 183, Magnetic Moon, Day 20
(White Spectral Mirror)
Hello! I am a white spectral mirror, and feel the truth of my galactic signature. Forgiveness, purification, and power balanced with love and wisdom are part of this lifetime's journey. One of my lessons is that "there is no good or bad, there is only the reflection of what is. I just began doing the work of a Course In Miracles (about forgiveness and living joyfully in God/love), and am ready to embrace my shadow...
Posted on Blue Magnetic Night, Kin 183, Magnetic Moon, Day 20

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