Yellow Solar Human, Kin 152, Day Gamma 3
Crystal Moon of Cooperation, Blue Crystal Hand Year

Yellow Solar Human
If freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will have freedom.

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White Worldbridger

(White Electric Worldbridger)
Yes, activated after about a year of intense journeying and learning. Enter me

Posted on Red Magnetic Earth, Kin 157, Solar Moon, Day 25
(White Resonant Worldbridger)
Hey, I'm entirely new to this, and i'm amazed, I stumbled upon an article that suggested the existance of 13 moon years and 13 zodiac signs so I started researching, and I got here. I still don't understand how this works, and what all of this means, but I am for sure very interested.
Posted on White Crystal Wind, Kin 142, Overtone Moon, Day 22
(White Galactic Worldbridger)
^'is there anybody out there..?' haha good one, I thkn that song potentiually personifies White Galactic WorldBridgers' Pourpose in many ways~ Nice!! ^_^
Posted on Yellow Self-existing Seed, Kin 4, Self-existing Moon, Day 17
(White Cosmic Worldbridger)
is their anybody out there, or I'm I all alone ( with the exception of my dis who shares the same kin 26 but we are born in diffrent decades ). me 7-28-77 and her 3-30-93
Posted on Yellow Lunar Warrior, Kin 236, Electric Moon, Day 17
Elizabeth (White Planetary Worldbridger)
My twin brothers are 166 White Planetary Worldbringers.

I am curious to see how their life unfolds, in context of this article's review of 166:

Elizabeth 258 white spectral mirror
Posted on Blue Magnetic Night, Kin 183, Magnetic Moon, Day 20

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