Red Solar Moon, Kin 9, Day Silio 7
Electric Moon of Service, Blue Crystal Hand Year

Red Solar Moon
It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

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Kin 127

Blue Planetary Hand

Blue Planetary Eagle
Red Planetary EarthBlue Planetary HandYellow Planetary Human
 White Self-existing Wizard
I perfect in order to know
producing healing.
I seal the store of accomplishment
with the planetary tone of manifestation.
I am guided by the power of vision.

White Mirror Wavespell

Power of Endlessness

White Magnetic Mirror

Blue Lunar Storm
White Cosmic Dog

Red Crystal Moon

Yellow Electric Sun
Yellow Spectral Star

Red Self-existing Dragon
Blue Planetary Hand

White Overtone Wind

Blue Rhytmic Night

Yellow Resonant Seed

Red Galactic Serpent

White Solar Worldbridger

Earth Family Members

Yellow Human Red Earth White Wind Blue Hand


Red Overtone Serpent

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"Famous" Blue Planetary Hand

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(Blue Planetary Hand)
Hi. I'm a blue planetary hand. It is interesting to see how the explanations and descriptions have answered what I saw and knew about myself. I often have to perfect in order to know. I have also known the power of regeneration through faith (believing when I cannot see the way), hope (when there has been despair), logic (when the emotions rule), and life (when I was going through death). I have seen many miracles, and such things that are unexplained, save those that have the open mind. I can touch the sky, swim the depths of Hades realms. The magic that always forever wills me to be is the love I have for those that breed the heart of love, the heart of life, the heart of hope, and the hearts of faith . Miracles are a way of life in everything around us. We can tap into anything we want to be, but prefer to be unassuming in the shadows,so more work can be uninterrupted. In the light we become the chameleon and act the convincing parts only to steer the fearful into confidence, into knowledge. We show so that we teach the way. Often we always want to see ahead, and often we are not allowed in order that we learn our lessons so that we can teach an easier road for others. There is always Faith and Hope and Love in the Universe, but the greatest of these is Love as it expands and infiltrates into every celestial and mundane areas... (and in between- yes there are many dimensions!). I am . You are. You and I are All. Any way is the gateway, as love cannot be stopped by anything. Magic does happen. Is happening. Will happen. We are circular. Love happens. Magic happens.
Posted on Red Spectral Dragon, Kin 141, Cosmic Moon, Day 7
(Blue Planetary Hand)
I am a Blue Planetary Hand. I will heal the world, thus effect positive transformation since we are all one. I cooperate with others to do this undertaking. Soka Gakkai International Buddha, Ikeda Buddha, Toda Buddha, Makiguchi Buddha, Nichiren Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha = Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo Buddha. The Buddha of litmitless joy, you are.
Posted on Yellow Rhytmic Star, Kin 188, Electric Moon, Day 24

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(Blue Spectral Hand)
Hi everyone! This is all so interesting!! I hope everyone it's healthy and happy=)
Posted on Red Planetary Moon, Kin 49, Self-existing Moon, Day 19
(Blue Solar Hand)
Checkin in on my People! How are we? Hit me up: IG:
Posted on Red Magnetic Serpent, Kin 105, Rhytmic Moon, Day 19
(Blue Magnetic Hand)
just found out my kin
need to meditate on this
Posted on Yellow Galactic Seed, Kin 164, Magnetic Moon, Day 1

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(Yellow Planetary Warrior)
I love that, I love this. I dont feel so alone now.
Posted on Yellow Self-existing Seed, Kin 4, Electric Moon, Day 2
(Blue Planetary Storm)
Hello fellow kin :) what an exciting time we currently exist in!!
Posted on Blue Planetary Eagle, Kin 75, Solar Moon, Day 10
(Red Planetary Moon)
My manifestations are getting stronger and communication more refined. Thanks to Youtube channel awakening you. (Pan)planet art network and also The Dreamspell Journey by Jose and Lloydine Arguellas. Despite my inconsistencies for sovereignty..
Posted on White Overtone Dog, Kin 70, Electric Moon, Day 1