Blue Electric Eagle, Kin 55, Day Kali 18
Galactic Moon of Integrity, Blue Crystal Hand Year

Blue Electric Eagle
When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

Jimi Hendrix
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Kin 222

White Magnetic Wind

White Magnetic Wind
Yellow Magnetic HumanWhite Magnetic WindRed Magnetic Earth
 Blue Cosmic Storm
I unify in order to communicate
attracting breath.
I seal the input of spirit
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.

I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!

White Wind Wavespell

Power of Spirit

White Magnetic Wind

Blue Lunar Night
White Cosmic Wizard

Red Crystal Skywalker

Yellow Electric Seed
Yellow Spectral Human

Red Self-existing Serpent
Blue Planetary Monkey

White Overtone Worldbridger

Blue Rhytmic Hand

Yellow Resonant Star

Red Galactic Moon

White Solar Dog

Earth Family Members

Blue Hand Yellow Human Red Earth White Wind


Yellow Self-existing Human

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"Famous" White Magnetic Wind

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(White Magnetic Wind)

Being a White Magnetic Wind can be quite a challenge. Sometimes you find yourself in a position where something that needs to be said can only be said by you.. and you're never quite sure how you wound up in that position to begin with. Luckily though, it's often very fun to be in that position (retrospectively) and see what sort of chain-reactions occur.

We can be the tornado who pulls things apart simply with our presence. We can be the precise breeze which fans a flame just so. We can be the soft, cool breeze on a hot, summer day & if need be, not only can we be the center of a party but also create the light-hearted environment of a celebration.

Many of our actions take months to culminate in anything, (personally, I've found an inherent knack with inadvertent match-making), and other times our actions result immediately. One thing though, that I feel is safe to say about White Magnetic Wind peoples is that generally speaking, it is rarely our intention to make any of these things happen.. they just sort of... do.
Posted on Red Magnetic Moon, Kin 209, Lunar Moon, Day 18
(White Spectral Mirror)
My partner Jason is 222 white magnetic wind. This galactic signature suits him exquisitely... He is very much of a portal, opening the way for everyone he meets, activating people, channeling spirit, and is mentally very clear... Yes, it is also the case that his (false) perception of lack has been a challenge and, accordingly, an incredible gift.

Posted on Blue Magnetic Night, Kin 183, Magnetic Moon, Day 20
(White Magnetic Wind)
With being a wind, somtimes things just fall out of my mouth, which is sometimes embarrassing, but ususally on the nose for the person.

With being magnetic I find other magnetics and i either get on really well or rub each other up the wrong way, and this can change day to day, so I wonder about how the variuos tones influence our magnetic energy?
Posted on Red Resonant Moon, Kin 189, Lunar Moon, Day 3

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pp (White Solar Wind)
ai aint but Jaco Pastorius was one
listen to 'dreamland' ... untypical but real special
Posted on Red Overtone Dragon, Kin 161, Galactic Moon, Day 12
(White Resonant Wind)
Courtney love is 202 7 Wind too
Posted on White Planetary Wind, Kin 62, Self-existing Moon, Day 25

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pp (Blue Magnetic Hand)
Rowan Berkeley is kin 27 1hand, his eyes are firmly focused on the most legally sanctioned misdeeds of the people in power and how they get swindled into their positions by the people they cover for, same ones who finance reproduction of false promises and propaganda branded as truth. It's not easy to face greatest gambles and deadliest aims on a daily basis without going catatonically despondent .. but despite a physical disability he has been at it a decade now. Here's a thank you Rowan. I'd send it to him but he's been blocking me the last few years.
Posted on Yellow Planetary Human, Kin 192, Solar Moon, Day 15
NorthMirror (White Magnetic Mirror)
This is very interresting, alot of new things have come to mind.
Cauac told me I was the dark, that is the light - the dance, that is the stillness.
The universe told me I am the wisdom I seek, so be the change you want to see.

Here are some links of interrest:
Posted on White Self-existing Wizard, Kin 134, Spectral Moon, Day 6