Red Resonant Moon, Kin 189, Day Alpha 12
Cosmic Moon of Presence, White Magnetic Wizard Year

Red Resonant Moon
If we can’t have at least as much fun saving the planet as we are having destroying it we just aren’t doing it right.

Mike Ward
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Kin 194

White Crystal Wizard

White Crystal Worldbridger
Yellow Crystal SeedWhite Crystal WizardRed Crystal Serpent
 Blue Lunar Hand
I dedicate in order to enchant
universalizing receptivity.
I seal the output of timelessness
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of death.

Blue Night Wavespell

Power of Abundance

Blue Magnetic Night

Yellow Lunar Seed
Blue Cosmic Eagle

White Crystal Wizard

Red Electric Serpent
Red Spectral Skywalker

White Self-existing Worldbridger
Yellow Planetary Human

Blue Overtone Hand

Yellow Rhytmic Star

Red Resonant Moon

White Galactic Dog

Blue Solar Monkey

Earth Family Members

Blue Storm Yellow Seed Red Moon White Wizard


Yellow Spectral Warrior

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"Famous" White Crystal Wizard

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(White Crystal Wizard)
I was first told the I'm a White Crystal Wizard in the mid 1990s. Prior to that I used to meditate in full lotus, but around 1992 I did one meditation where I was seeking inwards in my mind, instead of expanding out to as far as I could into the Universe. Pretty soon I realised everything that's out there is also within me, and I started to close off my limbs, drawing energy into my mind, and then my body. I kept doing this until all I could see was a rapidly shrinking ball of super bright white light, and it was still shrinking so fast that I couldn't see it anynore, but I knew it was still there, and no matter how much it shrunk it was only halving in size each time, so it could never totally disappear. Exacly at the time I realised this, I collapsed through the white light; it was more like an implosion, and passed through it as if it were a portal, as then I was in a totally different alter-universe. No signs of other life, but it had a landscape, mountains and valleys made up of every colour imaginable, and a purple sky, but featureless, no sun, clouds, birds, it was uniform. I couldn't see myself, but I could see in every direction at once, and I was flying, super fast, but no effort, I couldn't feel thrust pushing, more like every cell in me was drawing me along, and all I kne was that I had this all knowing feeling that this is the answer, the answer I'd been seeking. The universe had no words, no physics or maths from this 3D one applied, and all I flet was this omniscience, and I was the sum of everything, as if what we'd call God. And I could chage direction, steer myself to fly ICBM fast, dipping, lifting, to hug the infinitessimal landscape. Just love, pure love, this God feeling, and knowing, total knowing, so I was omniscient but not omnipresent, as although there was no time to speak of, I did have a location, was moving rapidly, impossible to gauge how fast as the rules from this dimension, gravity, physics, mathematics, none applied there. Then I came to a realisation, and told myself, oh crap, I'm dead. I was quite young, so the concept of death seemed to alrm me, I wasn't at that time wise and learned enough to realise death is a beginning as well as an ending. So the moment I affirmed I was dead, I stopped, in an absolute instant, and from that point on I had no further choice or control, I was propelling backwards, no acceleration, just doing everything back the same way i'd come in, still knowing the answer, still feeling pure love, God-like, still seeing in every direction simultaneously, but all I could do was floow that exact same path I'd chosen to flu before, in reverse, until I arrived back at the portal, the bright white light, were I'd blasted into this alter-realm. And it was tiny again, yet again I imloded into it and passed through. But instead of being inside my mind, which is how I'd entered the alter-universe, the bright white light portal was now above ny crown chakra, because my body didn't appear to be there. I could only see an empty outline of where it was, and I fell backwards into that, fully inhabiting the space within the outline. And immediately, that answer I'd known, the answer to everything that I knew with such conviction - it eluded me, though it hadn't totally disappeared. More like when you know something, it's in your mind, but you van't quite put a finger on it. Frustrating, as knowing it all felt like such pure love, and the universe was as real, or no less dreamlike, than this one. But just me, I hadn't had much time in there, but being the sum of all I didn't feel lonely, though I did feel that there wasn't a lot of point to stay in there, and perhaps if I hadn't affirmed a negative confirmation that I was dead, then my purpose would've been to create a new universe, back to a more physical realm, I's supposed it would be like a supernova going off, and that'd become the start of a new big bang type of effect, a new universe where i would scatter, breaking up into almost infinite parts, and yet this dimension would be higher than the one I came from, vibrationally it'd be more love based. Just a feeling, as i'll never know what would've happened if I'd kept flying omwards but knew something else to say, and I can't even say with any conviction what would've happened to my body in this dimension - whether my girlfriend would've come home to find it or whether it would've disappeared, I'd taken it with me. Which was the feeling, especially as when I re-entered it it was just an empty outline. I've never been back through that portal, but every spiritual or Eastern based yogi, sifu, qi-gong master, healer I meet, they say that my top chakra is as wide open as it can ever possible be. But they've no idea how I managed to do that, or how I handled it. Also I've frequently been told by mediums, kinesiologist, shamans, that I have something important to say, but I don't know what it is. Some say that it's to the world, some say to a woman, and one recently told me that it was a woman who was already dead. She was an old woman who I just started talking to in a shop, another customer, and she told me she'd been studying all her adult life, she was a medium, and then like so many before, as we were parting, she told me about how she thought I had something important I needed to say. But she said the woman is already dead, before I've been told either it's a woman, or it's to the world. Only these three variations, and always I'm told about the open chakra. I hadn't looked it up until today, and it appears today is kin-194 day. I don't understand exactly what that means, but would love to know more, and how to get back to aligning those magic powers. I get some problems, never erious, but manifesting in my throat or upper neck, pain or a lump, just a cyst, but always the throat, which would appear to be a manifestation of not being ablr to say what others tell me I need to, but they, nor I, don't know what it is. Curious. Thanks; much love, Piers.
Posted on Blue Spectral Eagle, Kin 115, Planetary Moon, Day 22
(White Crystal Wizard)
Hello, my fellow White Crystal Wizards. Speak with authenticity and randomness and watch things come to life. I love you.
Posted on Blue Rhytmic Eagle, Kin 175, Crystal Moon, Day 14
(White Crystal Wizard)
I have faith that things hoped for will come to pass and my visualizations will manifest themselves in the gaze of time in Christ Jesus (eye) see how anything I Speak in Hope brings life tran-sending the Spirit of LovEing infinity -U- conquering death for unselfish desire assining unrelentless Forgiveness Always and Forever in our Soal Spirit and Body
Posted on Yellow Planetary Warrior, Kin 36, Resonant Moon, Day 15

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(White Magnetic Wizard)
I'm White Magnetic Wizard
World is full of magic
Send you all rays of kindness, warmth and light
Posted on Yellow Overtone Seed, Kin 44, Resonant Moon, Day 23
(White Crystal Wizard)
I am White Crystal Wizard God Bless all U White Wizard's!
Posted on Yellow Planetary Warrior, Kin 36, Resonant Moon, Day 15
(White Overtone Wizard)
Beauty is Truth, Truth is Beauty, - that is all. Keats.

For me there is beauty in the fluidness of the unknown - I know not, and understand less, yet embrace this wonderful well thought out adventure into new time.
Posted on White Resonant Mirror, Kin 98, Resonant Moon, Day 27

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(Red Crystal Earth)
Posted on White Resonant Wizard, Kin 254, Cosmic Moon, Day 10
(White Crystal Wizard)
I'm the White Crystal Wizard and I dedicate to enchant, universalizing receptivity. I seal the output of timelessness with the crystal tone of cooperation. I'm guided by the power of death. One Love to all kins..
Posted on White Galactic Dog, Kin 190, Magnetic Moon, Day 22
(White Crystal Mirror)
Sat nam, My galactic signature is kin:38 white crystal mirror; born on july 25, 1992 on the day out of time ♡ The discovery of the 13:20 matrix is something im very grateful for and deeply identify with. I hope to further incorporate the harmonic module into my life through sovereign understanding.
Posted on Red Planetary Earth, Kin 257, Self-existing Moon, Day 10