Yellow Planetary Human, Kin 192, Day Gamma 3
Cosmic Moon of Presence, White Planetary Wizard Year

Yellow Planetary Human
It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

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Kin 143

Blue Cosmic Night

Blue Cosmic Hand
Red Cosmic SkywalkerBlue Cosmic NightYellow Cosmic Warrior
 White Magnetic Mirror
I endure in order to dream
transcending intuition.
I seal the input of abundance
with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of accomplishment.

Blue Monkey Wavespell

Power of Magic

Blue Magnetic Monkey

Yellow Lunar Human
Blue Cosmic Night

White Crystal Wind

Red Electric Skywalker
Red Spectral Dragon

White Self-existing Wizard
Yellow Planetary Sun

Blue Overtone Eagle

Yellow Rhytmic Warrior

Red Resonant Earth

White Galactic Mirror

Blue Solar Storm

Earth Family Members

Yellow Star Red Skywalker White Mirror Blue Night


Red Magnetic Earth

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"Famous" Blue Cosmic Night

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(Blue Cosmic Night)
My Western astrology is Pisces Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Leo Rising. This is what I'm discovering about myself now: tantra through unconditional love - a passion for the protection of GAIA spirit and divine fertility - a deep interconnected mind that with understanding and focus on shadow and light - I am right next to my soulmate/lover of this moment who is Blue Resonant Eagle (Pisces-Libra-Sagitarius)
Posted on Yellow Electric Seed, Kin 224, Magnetic Moon, Day 11
(Blue Cosmic Night)
Deep, deep in the mystery and peace of darkness where light is born and flows forth in abundance. Endurance born out of timelessness. Knowing that just quietly makes it presence known. Just being yourself, feeling the presence wherever you are. Enjoying the gift of transformation, with all that Blue it just keeps changing anyway. Having a good old laugh at the Cosmic-ness of it all.
Posted on Red Planetary Skywalker, Kin 153, Lunar Moon, Day 17
(Blue Cosmic Night)
i'm half surrounded by my kin: my son (blue spectral hand ) and his mother (red electric skywalker), but it still feels like midnight of the soul here in dark europe
great sites, big help, 2013 mystery queen's leading me to more of the dawn of dawning
Posted on Red Spectral Serpent, Kin 245, Solar Moon, Day 18

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(Blue Solar Night)
what does it mean...?
Posted on White Resonant Wind, Kin 202, Rhytmic Moon, Day 4
(Blue Electric Eagle)
hmm, here's another voice wiz: Sonam Wangmo
i lived with an austrian italian lady blessed with a similar face (yet tall and having an o so different voice).
tibetan yet very unique
.. not sure she did the right thing going into the chinese army
Posted on Red Solar Serpent, Kin 165, Self-existing Moon, Day 23
piet (Blue Electric Eagle)
stadium stuffing hoary balladrock metal band
the main hoarthroat is tom keifer (started out a buckteeth kid, uses a 12str a
lot and is one of them huge mouths using manly ways to shake, toss
((coquette hairflips punctuated by guitars thrown long distance like
footballs)), strut and strum his effeminate features - someone [It. broad
prolly] made fatuosity porn out of early day clips with a whooohoooo
humversion of 'once upon ..' over it - creepy - 40thou Vs in 3y) .... they were
big in the 90s but i never noticed them before ... has a kind of draw jopping
effect on me, a mix of pity, astonishment and awe. They did Moscow last
summer, looking way older and minimizing his raucousness (very taxing noises
to make ((he actually killed his voice twice and has paralized cords on one
side i learn later)), quite apart from the mindnumbingness of being a popular
tom is a 243night
Posted on Yellow Self-existing Seed, Kin 4, Crystal Moon, Day 3

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(Yellow Cosmic Human)
hello, well, yes, I am cosmic, and I did already know. I am really enjoying learning this calendar. It's funny, i came to it by destiny cards (playing cards) calendar ...
Posted on Red Spectral Dragon, Kin 141, Electric Moon, Day 27
(Red Cosmic Earth)
feeling the awesome powerr of this vibrational movement self and sub consiousness has not felt so good loving 2012 ((( BOOM))))
Posted on White Rhytmic Wizard, Kin 214, Planetary Moon, Day 9
(White Cosmic Dog)
I practice the use of the dreamspell with the classic mayan tzoklin, and the use of dmt/ayahuasca mixes. I have seen a lot of progress (on aspects of myself when I go on a trip on days that are one that goes with 13Oc, like 13Ix, 13Chuen, 13Muluc, 13Ahau or even just one aspect with another, but it is much more powerful on days that I sych perfectly together) with this since using this in sync with classic mayan tzolkin, long count, and haab.
Here is a link to my experieces with dates off them all.
Posted on White Rhytmic Dog, Kin 110, Magnetic Moon, Day 2