White Self-existing Wind, Kin 82, Day Gamma 17
Solar Moon of Intention, Blue Crystal Hand Year

White Self-existing Wind
Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one.

John Lennon
Banner of Peace

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Kin 146

White Electric Worldbridger

White Electric Dog
Yellow Electric WarriorWhite Electric WorldbridgerRed Electric Skywalker
 Blue Spectral Eagle
I activate in order to equalise
bonding opportunity.
I seal the store of death
with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of heart.

I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!

Yellow Seed Wavespell

Power of Flowering

Yellow Magnetic Seed

Red Lunar Serpent
Yellow Cosmic Warrior

Blue Crystal Eagle

White Electric Worldbridger
White Spectral Wizard

Blue Self-existing Hand
Red Planetary Skywalker

Yellow Overtone Star

Red Rhytmic Moon

White Resonant Dog

Blue Galactic Monkey

Yellow Solar Human

Earth Family Members

Blue Monkey Yellow Warrior Red Dragon White Worldbridger


Yellow Planetary Sun

Day Dreamspell Info

need a date to show this

Find who shares your galactic signature (external link to Foundation of the Law of Time).

"Famous" White Electric Worldbridger

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(White Electric Worldbridger)
The blessings of the Mayan Calendar were bestowed upon Me for the first time in 2005 via the Dreamspell which determined I was a Red Rhythmic Dragon (201). I immediately gravitated to the Tzolkin map, the colorful visuals and the descriptive language that made so much sense to Me, my love for nature, Mother Earth & Humanity, and my reverence for a Power greater than my own. Some years later I was introduced to the Long Count which determined that I was a White Electric Worldbridger (146), and that was when my Third Eye was officially activated. As a Portal Kin, my deepest thoughts and unanswered questions about my Spirit and greater calling in this physical form were made apparent. Every day, I feel blessed and chosen to learn as much as I can uncover about this calendar, this construct We call Time, and the potential for my highest Self to impart Wisdom and effect Change in this World. At this stage, I Am fully committed to sharing these teachings with any one who is willing to listen and receive. Moreso, I long to reconnect with other Kin who get It and have implemented this Life style into their full expression of Being. To all 3 Cimis and any other conscious kin throughout this Light grid, I welcome You to reach out with hopes of uniting Our Light to amplify our greater potential and co-create the future living Our best Lives in all ways predestined, predetermined and truky intended for Us All. In Lak'ech! 3 Cimi (Jadrien)
Posted on Yellow Crystal Human, Kin 12, Cosmic Moon, Day 28
(White Electric Worldbridger)
i love exploring the signatures of people i know. i had a calender years ago and i swear when i was following it syncronicities happened all the time. i'm ready to continue my learning. i feel like i know these things and by reading bout all this i high light certain areas w/in myself.
Posted on White Planetary Wind, Kin 62, Cosmic Moon, Day 28
(White Electric Worldbridger)
I am an extremely old soul I have just been activated. I call out to my kin for knowledge. Now is the time for awakening. Please feel free to contact me for anything I could possibly help with or with help for me. Love and light to all namaste.
Posted on Blue Galactic Hand, Kin 47, Lunar Moon, Day 11

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(White Electric Worldbridger)
Yes, activated after about a year of intense journeying and learning. Enter me

Posted on Red Magnetic Earth, Kin 157, Solar Moon, Day 25
(White Resonant Worldbridger)
Hey, I'm entirely new to this, and i'm amazed, I stumbled upon an article that suggested the existance of 13 moon years and 13 zodiac signs so I started researching, and I got here. I still don't understand how this works, and what all of this means, but I am for sure very interested.
Posted on White Crystal Wind, Kin 142, Overtone Moon, Day 22
(White Galactic Worldbridger)
^'is there anybody out there..?' haha good one, I thkn that song potentiually personifies White Galactic WorldBridgers' Pourpose in many ways~ Nice!! ^_^
Posted on Yellow Self-existing Seed, Kin 4, Self-existing Moon, Day 17

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(White Electric Mirror)
Hello Universe,

Looking to intergrade !!!
Posted on Yellow Overtone Star, Kin 148, Cosmic Moon, Day 14
shirleysienna (Blue Electric Hand)
well..synchronicity plus..i see my freinds name printed above..klaus reichel..hmm...and yes...this whole journehy is a syncrometer in itself.
Posted on Red Magnetic Dragon, Kin 1, Galactic Moon, Day 7