Yellow Self-existing Warrior, Kin 56, Day Alpha 19
Galactic Moon of Integrity, Blue Crystal Hand Year

Yellow Self-existing Warrior
Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.

Mahatma Gandhi
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Kin 33

Red Resonant Skywalker

Red Resonant Serpent
Blue Resonant NightRed Resonant SkywalkerWhite Resonant Worldbridger
 Yellow Resonant Star
I channel in order to explore
inspiring wakefullness.
I seal the output of space
with the resonant tone of attunement.
I am guided by the power of life force.

Blue Hand Wavespell

Power of Accomplishment

Blue Magnetic Hand

Yellow Lunar Star
Blue Cosmic Storm

White Crystal Mirror

Red Electric Moon
Red Spectral Earth

White Self-existing Dog
Yellow Planetary Warrior

Blue Overtone Monkey

Yellow Rhytmic Human

Red Resonant Skywalker

White Galactic Wizard

Blue Solar Eagle

Earth Family Members

White Mirror Blue Night Yellow Star Red Skywalker


Blue Solar Eagle

Day Dreamspell Info

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"Famous" Red Resonant Skywalker

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(Red Resonant Skywalker)
Excellent site! Thanks for organizing all the data this way. it's so helpful.

galactic activation powers -- unite!
Posted on White Rhytmic Wind, Kin 162, Lunar Moon, Day 26
Ron Cabrera (Red Resonant Skywalker)
Red Skywalker Qualities: time/space traveller, angelic messenger, courage, new directions, mysterious journey, explorer, fluid reference points, pillars of heaven, compassion.

Red Skywalker represents balance in your life - not static balance, but a dynamic equilibrium that includes both your present expression and your starseeded self. In Red Skywalker's star-glyph you see that the pillars of heaven don't appear to touch the Earth. You are the element that appears to be missing in the star-glyph. You are the one whose expression of the light assists in drawing the pillars of heaven to Earth.

Joining these pillars in yourself can be viewed as reuniting your male and female aspects. Together, in balance, we create the pillars of teh etheric temples of heaven on Earth.

Harmonic Wisdom for Red Skywalker is balance, the movements of parts in pleasing relationship or harmony with one another. Balance in Red Skywalker is experienced as a dynamic equilibrium. It is both a sense and an attitude. The natural state of every system moves toward balance that is fluid and free, as in dance. That balance is experienced differently by each person, but it often brings a sense of steadiness or centeredness even in the midst of movement and change. When you are dancing, you can use your very state of imbalance to create the fluidity of the dance.
Posted on White Solar Dog, Kin 230, Solar Moon, Day 3
(Red Resonant Skywalker)
Love is all there!
Posted on Red Galactic Moon, Kin 229, Solar Moon, Day 2

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(Red Magnetic Skywalker)
Kin 53 Red magnetic skywalker
Posted on White Rhytmic Worldbridger, Kin 6, Electric Moon, Day 4
Christina (Red Solar Skywalker)
I am tall and watch the sky I feel magic in my body, and imagine walking between worlds often.
I relate to Eleven in stranger things; and in numerology as well, for that matter.
I am strengthened by the suns gift of intention.
I am lining up with old energy, awakening in my spirit.
I am guided by these ancestral tones.
All is still and silent, I am at peace
Posted on Yellow Spectral Human, Kin 232, Electric Moon, Day 8
Susan (Red Rhytmic Skywalker)
This explains so much of life and as I have learned more of Galactic Synchronization I have become more of a messenger and bring universal wisdom into the awareness of friends and family. Stepping out to lead the way in my neck of the woods.
Posted on Blue Rhytmic Eagle, Kin 175, Magnetic Moon, Day 7

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(White Resonant Wizard)
It's not just magical wisard.
It's also roaring lion coz jaguar to mayas is what lion africans.

Witnesed several connections with roaring like simhasana in yoga & even more direct sound emulations with this glyph.

Also distinct atacking & mersiless qualities
Posted on Yellow Crystal Warrior, Kin 116, Crystal Moon, Day 5
(White Resonant Mirror)
Mayan lessons translated from Don Alejandro - Wandering Wolf - suggest that 7 is also related to the Jaguar. I had been given the name Jaguar Woman before I learned about the relation to 7. I appreciate the feedback here and will return when I need to remember this inspiration.
in lak'ech
Posted on White Rhytmic Dog, Kin 110, Magnetic Moon, Day 2
(Red Resonant Earth)
I am brand new to this. I am a Kin 137 - Red Resonant Earth. What is the signifigance of the four other Kin (symbols) around the middle symbol? what is a blue monkey wavespell? What is the meaning of "Earth Family Members"? What is G-Force? Can some one help me understand?
Posted on White Electric Wind, Kin 42, Spectral Moon, Day 19